020217: Australia day & Training Legs

Where ever you are in the world!!!!!!

Happy February and I hope everyone had an awesome Australia Day last week.

Last week I trained with a very good friend of mine Sean Massey and we Hit Legs and Coffee 🙂 I am currently 87.8kg’s at 12% Body Fat. I’m really happy with how my body is building on my current style of training and Food Plan (Macros). Calories are around the 3500-4000 mark at the moment.

My goal this off season is 92kg’s under 15% Body Fat before I start cutting toward my next Physique comp in October this year. I have been eating alot of good wholefoods, natural supplementation and intermittent fasting.

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250415: 3 Weeks out from the stage – ANZAC DAY

“We will remember them”

“Lest We Forget”

Today is ANZAC Day here in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide.

We remember the sacrifice and lives lost in past and current Warfare.



3 Weeks out —-


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