240117: Brothers Lift // Back Session

Hello BossStrong FitStyle Tribe,

What a week it has been.

Team START Boat party, New Years Kick-Off in Perth for Isagenix and Training hard!!! Anytime Fitness Personal Training has been so much fun. Everyone is kicking the year off with epic determination, hard work and getting the results already.

But before that all happened I trained Back with my Brother Paul and my brother from another Mother Mikey! We had alot of fun and really focused on all areas of the Back.

Build a strong back while focusing on FORM!!!


030615: I’m Back / Stress and your Body

I’m back! 

INBA 2016 A Season is done and dusted. A big congrats to all my friends who also competed and went to Nationals in Sydney, Australia.


I was very happy with my results and feedback from my first INBA Physique Competition.

5th Place and that also gave me a place at Nationals. I did not attend Nationals for the reason that I knew that I come to this competition wanting results and a positive feel and I achieved that.


The Feed Back from the INBA Judges: 

— Nice smile good posing and symmetry, needs to be leaner then will do well. —

So i’ll be coming back next year with a Bigger, more Symmetrical and Leaner Body.

I am very happy with my feed back and I know where I want to go from here

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!  Continue to follow:

Snapchat: jay_thelocker86 & IG: jamiewilson_live





Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.

Stress comes in so many different forms and yes it does affect your mind, body and muscle development. A lot of people are finally learning and being educated on Stress. This is a huge reason why I use Product B (Telomere Support) and I am a huge believer of anti-oxidants, Adaptogenic Herbs and minerals in my lifestyle and to keep my body balanced. Check out the two sources below for some great information I wish I knew about years ago. People ask Jacelyn and I all the time about how we stay healthy, lean, happy and energetic. We have said it many times and I will say it again. Nutrient and mineral dense food and supplements that look at our bodies as a system.

Third party tested, NO GMO’s and not owned by the government or big pharm. FOR THE PEOPLE and FOR YOUR HEALTH and HOLISTIC WELL-BEING







*I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist but it is important to educate yourself.

I use Isagenix Supplementation on top of my Whole food and Nutrition Plan from My Coach.






160415: Massage & Yoga: Muscle Recovery and Relaxation

Hello BosStrong FitStyle Readers 🙂

So many people don’t understand or really grasp the importance of active and practiced RECOVERY for your body.

Whether you lift weights, do CrossFit, play a sport or do Yoga. We all need massage and therapy to keep our bodies happy.  I personally get a Massage and Physiotherapy every month. It keeps my body aligned, helps with muscle development and with any niggles you may have from training.

Here is a great article:


In a recent study, researchers put 11 young, healthy men through a strenuous workout—the kind that’s almost too hard to finish. To see the effects of massage on muscles, they took muscle biopsies of both legs—before and after exercise, and after 10 minutes of Swedish-style massage. The massage was given right after the workout. The brief massage affected two specific genes in the muscle cells. The first gene decreases inflammation caused by exercise, similar to the relief you get from certain pain medications. The second gene turned up production of mitochondria in the muscles. These are the power houses of cells. They use oxygen and the broken down products of food to generate energy needed by the cells. As muscle cells become adapted to endurance exercise, the number of mitochondria increases. Massage seems to help this process along.

Continue at http://www.mensfitness.com/training/build-muscle/massage-improves-post-workout-recovery



I absolutely love Yoga for recovery and for the Mind. Come on people, we all know the Mind is connected the body and if you stretch and do Yoga, your Mind and Body connection is even greater.

Yoga boosts Athletic Performance 


Yoga is also good for our Soul! Yes I said Soul! Helps with being more open minded, positive and its a good way to connect with people.


A great Home Yoga series I absolutely loved and have used myself and recommend. Check it out!


I hope you enjoyed! Have a great weekend and continue to smash your goals. If you havent started on your Fitness and Health Journey. START NOW!

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Jamie Wilson

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