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I am a huge fan of Tory Woodward and had a read of a blog post he wrote up last year. Cardio is important for many reasons other than just to burn fat. I personally do cardio all year round with an average of two fasted steady states and 1 HIIT Cardio session. Enjoy the read.

Jay @jamiewilson_live


To cardio, or not to cardio? That is the age old question question every off season, and as a personal trainer, I’ve heard all the arguments: “off season is all about gains,” and “cardio just isn’t my favorite.” Well, I hate to break it to you, but the answer to your questions is “to cardio,” so get ready to break a sweat and quite griping! I’m going to show you three amazing benefits you can get from doing cardio.


Cardio is the key to maintaining your general health! Keeping a modest amount of cardio in your routine is key to keeping up both your physical and mental health. Cardio helps maintain a healthy heart, cycling blood and water through your system, which reduces swelling/bloating and improves metabolism. Furthermore, cardio stimulates your mind, and many forms can be considered therapeutic or even meditative.

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