1310216: Eat for Productivity, Energy and Longevity

Eat for Productivity, Energy and Fat Longevity

Eating for productivity and eating for energy is actually simpler than many think.

Why do we really eat?

When playing sport, going to the gym or Yoga, Building a business, travelling or just going through your day to day life, fueling your mind and body towards success starts at the mouth. What we put into our bodies affects our performance physically and mentally.

 You decide!

If we choose to eat poorly, consuming highly processed foods like fatty fast food, chips (French fries) and sugary drinks etc, we feel sluggish and tired. The scales will also let you know when your body isn’t happy. If we eat fresh vegetables, fruit, lean meats, nuts, seeds and other dense minerals and vitamins or bodies feel alive, energetic, balanced and healthy. You wouldn’t put cheap fuel in a Ferrari, why do the same with your body.

At Boss Strong Fitness and LifeStrong Movement we believe in intermittent fasting, dense nutrients and making every calorie count and ensuring our food is of high quality. The way we structure our eating allows us to sleep better, wake up with more energy and feel better both physically and mentally. Building a body and mind toward success in life takes a lot of effort and so it’s important to look after our one body, our temple.

We eat so our bodies can move, be awake and alive.

I personally use a dense nutrient Nutritional System with Isagenix. In today’s fast paced world it fits my lifestyle and it is the only natural cleansing and nutrient product I endorse with pride as it has help my family and myself in so many ways.




Check out a couple of the best articles I’ve found on Great foods for Energy, Fat Loss and Health as well as Why High Quality Supplements are a Good Idea in Today’s World.

 Email for more advice on Nutrition & Fitness – BossStrong@outlook.com

Master Personal Trainer, AWF Olympic Lifting Coach, CF L.1 Trainer & Lifestyle/ Business Mentor

Jamie Wilson

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