280816: Fasted Cardio and Burning Fat


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I am a Head Personal trainer at Anytime Fitness in Secret Harbour, Western Australia and on Friday night I was asked to share a little bit of my knowledge and advice as a PT on Burning Fat and Protein for lean muscle growth. This is a great article and read on Fasted Cardio which was one topic I touched on.

Muscleforlife.com on Fasted cardio

Bodybuilding.com 5-reasons-to-do- Steady State Cardio

HIIT (high intensity interval training):

Myprotein.com hiit-before-after-strength-training/

Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset is what brings it all together with the right support.

I have also blogged on Intermittent Fasting for Cellular Health, Fat Loss and Health. Check that out. While I write this blog I am actually Intermittent Fasting with Isagenix Cleanse for Life today 🙂

If you would like a free in person of Skype Consultant email me @ bossstrong@outlook.com

My wife Jacelyn & I are actually Launching into a Spring 30 Day Cleanse. Lets smash your goals! Email is today and join the team


Jamie Wilson



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