190816: WHY train? Fitness for Wellness

Hey, hey Team

I was training Legs at Anytime Fitness, Secret Harbour today and I was watching everyone else train. Of course I smashed the session and gave it 100% haha. I was thinking about Goals, Fitness & Health.

Why are people coming in to train????

So many different things starting flowing through my head. Was it to get strong, was it to lose weight, was it to tone up, was it to have more confidence and get back into a Bikini or go to the beach without a shirt on.

As a Personal trainer and a lover or Health that has worked with over 1000 people. The final thought was to they want to FEEL GOOD in their Bodies. It truly does come down to having a feeling of self worth, feeling confident and wanting to be loved as well as love others. Whether its working toward a Physique Body Building Competition or wanting to lose weight and gain some energy, the end result is the same. FEELING GOOD ABOUT OURSELVES. 

When we grow up as children we want to make friends, be loved and feel good. Nothing changes as we become adults and the truth is a lot of today’s society and media dull our “light” so we search for that feeling we had as children. This is when it comes to mindset and choosing what you use to fill in that gap. Some use drugs, some use food, some use porn and some use FITNESS & WELLNESS. We also want to apart of a community, tribe and movement. This makes us feel good and that feeling of helping others. Obviously I wish for you to chose something to serves you and others well and will extend your life…….

Feel good, find your tribe and worth toward YOUR own FEEL GOOD self everyday.


Find your Fuel and Light and Be the best you, you can be TODAY and DO what makes you HAPPY


Jamie Wilson—– Peace

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