100716: Scare! Grateful & My 5 Day Split

Today is Tuesday & I’m grateful for my health, my family and my life.

Over the weekend my wife Jacelyn had a really weird health scare. All is good now after a few tests including a MRI and CT Scan. Life truly is fragile and after 13 years together this is the first time we have ever had a health scare (other than giving a natural birth to our daughter Myannah Eve). After 2 days in hospital Jacelyn was told she was totally fit and one of the healthiest people they have had in the ward a long time.


So today we went to the gym together, we spend quality time and we are GRATEFUL for everything we have, the business we have from home and the people we have in our lives. We love you all!

There will be times and events in life, that are put in place to rattle and test you. It did in a way and tested us but we learnt from it and it has given us even more drive toward our goals and vision. Love what we do and love who we are.

Empower others to lead a life of purpose and be happy and healthy!



My 5 day Split

After our cruise and coming off my first Physique competition 2 months ago (WOW, times passes so quickly) I have jumped back onto my initial plan for building size. 5 day split of body parts with abs 3 times a week being Monday, Wednesday & Saturday.

I am one of those weirdos that enjoys cardio 🙂 and I do it first thing in the morning at 5:30am after a glass of water and a natural metabolism booster. We have a stationary bike which I do 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. Other than that I am not doing any cardio other than LIFTING! My gym sessions are quite intense with a lot of super-sets and giant-sets. This also keeps me quite lean along with my Nutrition Plan and Supplementation.

Everybody is different so dont think you can just do this and get epic results. See a qualified coach or email me at BossStrong@outlook.com

Have an awesome week and take care of your family and YOURSELF. If your not taking care of you, you cant take care of others!!!!!


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