170616: Friday Yayday & Intermittent Fasting

Its Friday 17th and I want to jump on and Say HI! 🙂

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend. So many of you know that I’ve been involved in the sporting and fitness industry for most of my teen and adult life.

I  know my purpose on this planet. Help people be happy, healthy and find their purpose. What is your Purpose? What is your Vision? 

Have you ever been asked this before?


Today Jacelyn and I are intermittent fasting. Some will call it Cleansing or just fasting. We have been doing this each week for over 2 years now and we love the benefits. We know and understand that it isn’t for everyone but I truly think its for a lot of people. There are different ways to implement it into your lifestyle.

Benefits like Fat Loss, Increased Energy, Mental Clarity and Better Sleep.

Google “Benefits of intermittent fasting” for yourself

This article is awesome and this is evidence-based


This week has been very productive with some new Boss Strong Team members joining and the group of my Social Enterprise Wellness Team. Training has been really good and I have changed Fitness plan now to build some good muscle and strength on the off season. My Macro and Micro Nutrient Food Plan has also changed to coincide with my goals.

I have been thinking hard about having a new coach for my next Physique Competition next year but also for the off season. I have chosen to be aligned with Shayne Smith who is based in Perth, Australia. He is also the Coach of Zak Guild. A very good friend and fellow Business Leader in our company who is the INBA/ INBA World Physique Champion. He took out Overall Winner at the Amateur Natural PNBA Olympia in Las Vegas, USA last year.

I am excited for the future regarding Boss Strong FitStyle and Our Wellness Team with LifeStrong Movement.

Jacelyn and I are off on a 2 week Asian Cruise on the Princess Dawn with Family. We will be back after some time to reset. Dont worry I will still be contactable and Jacelyn and I can not help but connect with our team and go over our future goals and growth.


Take Care everyone and continue to become a better, stronger, authentic you!




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