121115: When you think you have it all worked out

This is not like my other posts and videos. This is me and it’s raw and something I feel can help someone, somewhere on some level.

I have been in Byron Bay on the East Coast of Australia for the last 6 days on business and mindset courses with my wife Jacelyn. It is with an awesome dude named Jeffrey Slayter who is a very successful entrepreneur, speaker, author and much more. We still have 3 days to go of the course called The Heart of Living and when I truly thought our lives had transformed dramatically in the last 2 years which it has, he has flipped it another 360 and I can not recommend his courses highly enough.

Today’s Message:

I have known for quite along time now that life is for living and we are truly living when we follow our loves and passions. I know that the world is not working how it should and we are apart of a huge system. The governments, food industry, banks and so on are all about keeping and creating control over us as a humanity. The more we feel fear the more we feel we need control and that keeps them happy.

Know that you are FREE!

You can do anything you like and things can change if you wish it to change. A house, a car, a job does not keep you in a place of living but in the system. If you understand this but still have a house and car that is different as you truly own your money. Money and the government don’t own you! You can find balance in todays monetary world.

Fitness and health has always been a huge passion for me and I truly believe that is where living starts. If we put good organic wholefoods and minerals into our body and keep it clean and strong your mind can then work on a higher level and you can then expand you consciousness.

Remember that money is just energy. Remember that a job is not reliable. Remember that you can do and be anything you wish. Remember that your a human-being and you create your reality.

Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be You, Be a BOSS!

#inspired2inspire #bossstrong


TJOP – YouTube Feat Joe Rogan

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