080915: Morning Cardio/ Getting Started


My phone alarm goes off and it says “Go TIME”

This is when you DECIDE to get up or not get up.

Of course Jacelyn Wilson (my wife) and I get up and we get dressed and its off to the gym for some cardio.

We both don’t believe in a completely fasted cardio, as we down some Ionix Supreme (mineral and adaptogen based tonic) and a glass of water. While putting the Adrenal glands and the body under stress, it’s important to maintain optimal health.

AM: 20 minutes on the treadmill on Incline then worked on Standing wide-grip pull downs and Wide-grip pull-ups.

Jacelyn had 45 minutes on the Treadmill as she is competing again this weekend at the Fitness EXPO for her PRO card.

PM: Today is Leg Day 🙂 with my training brother Danny Kruger who is a INBA Body Building competitor. We will be focusing on high reps and isolation movements. Rest times will be nothing more than 45-60 seconds.

GET UP, GET DRESSED, SHOW UP 100% or do nothing. YOU DECIDE!

Adaptogens: Why and How they work; reference



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