050515: Training session

Building Strength is always fun. The MYTH that most people believe is that if we lift weights we gain unwanted weight and woman mostly think they will get bulky.

TRUTH is that you will build lean muscle and your body will burn more fat because your metabolism picks up when you lift weights. Add this with fueling your body with the best in whole foods and nutrition.


My Outlaw Olympic lifting session:

Row 20 Calories x 5 (30 seconds rest)

1) clean from mid thigh – 1×6@50%, 1×6@55%,1×6@60%, 2×6@65%

2) snatch balance – 1×6@50%, 1×6@55%,1×6@60%, 2×6@65%

3) jerk drives – 1×6@60%, 1×6@65%, 1×6@70%, 1×6@75%, 1×6@80%

4) rdl (%1rm clean) – 1×6@50%, 1×6@55%,1×6@60%, 2×6@65%

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