300415 : Blogging Schedule

Evening crew,

I will be blogging at least once a week about the following topics but at times I will do an extra blog depending on how excited I am to share something with you. I will be sharing results of my clients, my wife Jacelyn’s and my own.

Motivation/ Inspiration

Fitness / Health

Lifestyle / Personal Development

Let’s Start with the definition of what a BOSS is.

boss; “a person who is in charge of a worker or organization.”
I believe we all are the boss….
of our HEALTH
of our CHOICES
of our FITNESS
of our JOB
of our LIVES
When we realise this and then take 100% responsibility of our Fitness and Lifestyles then magic can happen.

I want ideas as well so if you have any leave a comment below…… I want to blog more of what the people want.


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